What’s The Number 1 US Tourist Destination?

The United States is one of the countries with interesting tourist destinations. It may be difficult for you to choose your best. If you want to know the number 1 US tourist destination, kindly don’t leave this post.

What’s The Number 1 US Tourist Destination?

Amongst all the tourist attractions in America, Times Square is the number one. Even if you don’t have plans to visit Times Square, you’ll probably end up there anyway.

It’s this incredibly busy, vibrant area where some of the most important streets in New York City Broadway, 7th Avenue, and 42nd Street all come together.

Times Square is considered the heart and soul of the city, a place where you can find world-class theater performances as well as some of the most iconic buildings and cultural landmarks in the entire Big Apple.


7 Amazing Facts About Times Square

While Times Square is famous for its wonderful neon signs and bustling crowds, there are many hidden facts and lesser-known aspects to the iconic New York City landmark.

Even for long-time New Yorkers, there are still interesting things to discover about Times Square. Here are 7 surprising tidbits about this world-renowned destination:

1. The Name Wasn’t Times Sqaure

Times Square was originally called Longacre Square. It got its current name when The New York Times newspaper moved its headquarters to the newly constructed Times Building in 1904.

The mayor of New York City then renamed the area Times Square after the newspaper.

2. New Year’s Eve Drop Celebration

The tradition of the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square dates back to 1907. That year, a wood-and-iron ball decorated with 100 light bulbs was lowered from a flagpole to mark the new year. The current Times Square Ball weighs nearly 6 tons and is illuminated by 32,256 LED lights.

3. There was Once a Passage

In the past, there was a stairwell that connected the lower level of the Knickerbocker Hotel directly to the 42nd Street subway station.

While this passageway no longer exists, you can still see vestiges of it near Platform 1 of the Times Square-Grand Central shuttle.

4. You can See It From Space

Times Square is so brightly lit at night that it can be easily seen from the International Space Station orbiting the Earth.

In fact, buildings in Times Square are required to have a minimum amount of display lighting to maintain the area’s reputation for being extremely well-lit.

5. Art is Kept Secretive Everywhere

Times Square contains various hidden artworks and installations. These include a “humming” sound work by artist Max Neuhaus and the Midnight Moment digital art display that appears on the district’s billboards just before midnight each night.

6. Cars Drove Through Until 2009

Until 2009, vehicles were able to drive through Times Square. But in that year, Broadway was closed to traffic between 47th and 42nd Streets, creating a pedestrian plaza.

This led to over 400,000 people walking through Times Square each day and inspired the creation of additional pedestrian plazas in other parts of New York City.

7. You Can Take a Walking Tour

Visitors to Times Square can join specialized walking tours led by experienced actors and stage crew from the nearby Broadway theaters.

These “Broadway Up Close” tours provide an insider’s perspective, offering unique insights and behind-the-scenes details about the iconic theater district that regular sightseeing tours often miss.

8. It is Mostly Empty

Despite being a landmark skyscraper and one of the most valuable real estate properties, One Times Square is largely unoccupied.

The building mainly houses the New Year’s Eve ball drop and a ground-floor Walgreens, with the rest of the space generating revenue from the advertisements on its façade.

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