How Much Money Do You Need for A Canadian Tourist Visa?

How much does it cost to obtain a Canadian tourist visa is a common query from those who wish to travel to Canada. There are two separate costs to consider in this part of the application process: fees for your visa and Canada, as well as proof that you have enough money for your visit. This can make things confusing. You will receive a comprehensive explanation of the financial prerequisites for securing a tourist visa to Canada by reading more.

How Much Money Do You Need for a Canadian Tourist Visa?

To be granted a Canadian visa, there are several financial and non-financial factors you need to consider. They include your financial requirements and your documents. With valid documents and stable proof of funds, an applicant has a higher chances of being given a visa.

Visa Application Fees 

The application fees for a tourist visa to Canada are determined by the Canadian government. Here’s a breakdown of the main charges:

  • Application Fee

For countries not involved in the eTA program, the standard rate is CAD 100, which applies to all applicants.

  • Biometric Fee

The biometric fee for each person is CAD 85. This charge might not always be applicable. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website allows you to determine whether biometrics are mandatory in your nation.

  • Medical Exam Fee

It could occasionally be necessary for you to submit to a medical exam as part of the application process. The healthcare provider you choose will determine how much the exam costs.


Evidence Of Financial Stability

Unlike the application fees, the amount of money you need to demonstrate financial stability is not a fixed figure. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) assesses your financial conditions to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover living expenses during your stay. Here are some key factors they consider:

  • Duration of Stay

The length of your stay will determine the amount you will have to show as proof of funds. You will need to provide more proof of income the longer you intend to stay.

  • Travel Itinerary

An itinerary that provides specifics about your lodging, travel arrangements, and scheduled activities aids the IRCC in estimating your possible costs.

  • Standard of Living In Canada

Relative to many other countries, Canada typically has a higher cost of living. Be sure to factor this in when calculating your estimated expenses.

  • Number Of Travelers

If you are travelling with loved ones, you must prove that you have the resources to sustain each member of the group.

Although a specific amount is unknown, a standard guideline advises budgeting approximately $1,230 per month for your visit, with a minimum of $2,000 for a 30-day stay. This is only a starting point, and depending on your unique situation, you might need to modify it.

To convince the IRCC that you have sufficient funds, you will need to submit documents with your visa application. Here are the most common ones:

  • Bank Statements

Providing bank statements with a healthy balance will prove that you are capable of covering your estimated expenses. A bank statement covering 3–6 months is generally recommended

  • Documentation of Employment

An employment letter outlining your position and pay can demonstrate your ability to make money. 

  • Income Tax Assessments

Your financial situation can be further reinforced by including your income tax returns.

  • Prepaid Travel Arrangement  

Prepaid travel documents, like airline or hotel reservations, can serve as proof that you have budgeted for your expenses.

Additional Tips:

  • Be realistic

 Do not undervalue the costs you might incur. Include in your budget the cost of transportation, meals, activities, and any possible souvenir purchases.

  • Present Various Revenue Sources

Provide documentation for any additional income you may have from rentals, investments, or other sources.

  • Explain Any Large Deposits

Be ready to explain the source of any sizable deposits you may have made to your bank account. You can increase your chances of getting your tourist visa for Canada approved by paying attention to these pointers and making sure you have the required paperwork.

Recall that obtaining a valid Canadian tourist visa requires more than just proving your financial stability. Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Valid Travel Documents

Make sure your passport is good for a minimum of six months after the date you plan to visit Canada.

  • Travel Purpose

Clearly state in your visa application why you are visiting.

  • Ties to Your Home Country

Demonstrate your connections to your nation of origin with documents, employment, or family relationships. It will be helpful to let the IRCC know that you intend to return home after your visit.

Conclusively, you can improve your chances of being granted a tourist visa to visit Canada and experience its wonders by submitting a comprehensive application that covers both financial and non-financial requirements.

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