Which City In USA Has Most Indian Restaurants?

Imagine you luckily finding yourself in a city that has the most Indian restaurants in the US, that means you are left with so many food options. In this article, we’ll let you know this!

Which City in America has Most Indian Restaurants?

The city with the highest concentration of Indian restaurants in the United States is New York City. With its diverse population and food scenario, New York City offers a wide range of Indian dining options, from casual street food stalls to upscale fine dining establishments.

Top Best Indian Restaurants in NYC?

Since New York City has the most Indian restaurants in USA, let’s take a look at them below:

Temple Canteen

Established in 1993 and housed in the lower level of Flushing’s Ganesh temple, this establishment offers a menu of South Indian foods that are exclusively vegetarian. The options include several types of dosa and uttapam, which may be customized with different batter inclusions and served in various forms.

In a welcoming atmosphere, there are rice casseroles and vegetable curries as well. All are welcome to visit the Hindu temple upstairs; take off your shoes.


Gaurav Anand and Aarthi Sampath turned Awadh, an Upper West Side local, into Baazi. The brilliant blue, two-story establishment also altered its menu, focusing on difficult-to-find regional dishes from Goa and the North and South, such as chicken cafreal, a cornish fowl seasoned with cilantro and mint.

Many meals feature contemporary touches, such as paneer ke sholey, which is fresh cheese filled with raisins and served aflame over a brazier, and chicken sirka pyaaz in a sauce of vinegar-pickled onions.

Jaz Indian Cuisine

This Hell’s Kitchen restaurant was started by British Indian immigrant Jaz Rupall, who specializes in northern Indian cuisine with a Balti touch, a popular Indian culinary style in the UK.

The menu features dishes like mango shrimp barbecued in a tandoor, cashew and almond-sauced chicken shahi korma, and spice-rubbed lamb shashlik skewers, which demonstrate the influence of Silk Road cuisine on northern India.

Doaba Deli

In search of truck stop fare? Inderjit Singh opened this well-worn but cherished double storefront deli over ten years ago, and it’s named after a province in Punjab.

Everything that’s served that day is listed on the steam table, mostly consisting of vegetarian fare, however, there’s also occasionally goat or lamb curries and chicken. You have a tempting array of options when you have tandoori chicken on the menu, but not too many.

Hyderabadi Zaiqa

The recently built walk-down restaurant focuses mostly on biryanis and serves Hyderabadi cuisine. However, there are many other southern Indian dishes available, such as an excellent Chettinad chicken and a Malabar shrimp curry that has a lot of coconut milk.

Which Indian Dish is Famous in the US?

Tikka Masala is the most popular Indian curry, recognized for its rich and creamy tomato sauce. It is often made out of marinated and grilled chicken or paneer (for a vegetarian option) cooked in a delicious mixture of spices such as cumin, coriander, turmeric, and garam masala.

Why are Indian Dishes so Popular in America?

Authenticity and tradition appear to be just as important to this younger generation when it comes to dining out as innovation.

Given its rich flavours and inventive use of spices, Indian food has become more popular worldwide and is considered to be among the most authentic cuisines.

Is Indian Food Good in USA?

Indian cuisine has grown in popularity in the United States, with certain Indian dishes becoming classics of American food culture.

Some of the most popular Indian cuisines in America are Butter Chicken; A creamy tomato-based sauce with soft chicken bits, usually eaten with rice.

Are indian Snacks Allowed in USA?

Prepared and Homemade; In general, both prepared and store-bought snacks such as cookies, chips, and other non-perishable items are permissible. Just make sure everything is packed tightly to avoid any issues.

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