Who Can Apply For A Tourist Visa? Find Out Eligibility Factors

Most foreign nationals ask who is eligible to apply for a tourist visa. A visitor or tourist visa is one of the several visas needed for international trips and anyone can apply for it. However, there are restrictions on the type of people who can be issued a visa. 

Who Can Apply For A Tourist Visa? Find Out Eligibility Factors

Tourist visas are accessible to anyone. However, some conditions are to be met before a traveller can be issued one.

What Is A Tourist Visa?

A tourist visa is a type of visa used for short trips to a country, it is used to enter the country for tourism, vacation or medical purposes. Tourist visas are valid for ten years and a tourist is expected to stay in a country only for two to six months depending on the country he/she is visiting.

Who Is Eligible For A Tourist Visa?

For a visitor to visit a country with a tourist or B-2 visa, they have to prove that they are staying only for the stipulated time and will return to their home country. This however depends on the home country the person is travelling from and its relations with the host country. Some of the known requirements are listed below:

Citizens Who Plan On Staying For The Stated Timeline Of The Tourist Visa

People who plan on staying only for a short time and do not plan on residing permanently in the country will be granted a tourist visa but they will have to present several documents to show that they have ties in their home country and will return home. These ties include property documents, family ties, businesses or jobs.

Citizens With Medical Conditions That Are To Be Treated In The Host Country

The patient must prove that he/she is only visiting for medical purposes and is not in the country to give birth or reside permanently in the country.

Citizens Who Prove They Have The Financial Means to Sponsor Their Trip Costs

These tourists must show proof of funds which is evidence of financial sustainability. That is they can prove to be able to sponsor their trip expenses, accommodation and living plans without having to work in the country they are visiting. 

Procedures For Applying For A Tourist Visa

For one to be given a visitor visa, they have to go through the necessary steps which include:

Filling in the form DS-160

Filling in the form DS-160 is the first step to take when applying for a visa, the form contains the application for the non-immigration visa section which needs to be filled with your personal information and the purpose of your visit to the country. A confirmation page is sent afterwards, which needs to be stored for future reference.

Pay The Visa Application Fee

An application fee is then paid. The application fees of each country are distinct from each other. The application fee in the United States is $185, others charge less or more. In the United States, the fee is determined by the visitor’s home country’s relations to the United States.

Pay Visa Reciprocity Fee

This sum of money is paid by citizens whose home country demands a certain fee from the host country. It is not applicable in some countries but most countries do charge it.


Receipt of Payment

Applicants are expected to show the receipts of payments of both fees(visa application and visa reciprocity fee)before they are scheduled for an appointment.

Visa Interview

After the fee is paid, an interview date is scheduled with the country’s embassy in your home country. The interview is meant to physically interview you and learn more about the purpose of your visit. An official will ask questions to determine your intent to return to your country if you are given the visa.

Documents showing the Purpose of your trip

During your interview, you will be asked to present documents for the application for a U.S. visa and specific documents for the issuing of a visitor’s visa. The  important  documents for the issuance of a visitor visa are:

  • Proof of funds to cover all the travel expenses, accommodation and living cost
  • Evidence of ties to your country such as job, business, family or properties
  • A passport valid six months after a return date
  • A digital photograph 

In conclusion, anyone can apply for a tourist visa, however, there are some restrictions made by the immigration policy of the country barring certain citizens from entering the country. Tourist visas are temporary visas and the visa applicant must prove that he/she will return to their country after the timeline on their visa elapses.

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