Travelling Nurses: How Much Do They Pay For Rent

Do you want to know the amount nurses pay for rent while on assignments? read on to find the price ranges of nurses’ rent and the different mediums they use to pay their rent.


Statistics have shown that travelling nurses pay thousands of dollars a month for rent. This is because they are always on the move and their type of apartments are special and are contracted for short-term periods. 

Who are Travelling Nurses?

Travelling nurses are special nurses who are employed to work as healthcare professionals in high-need health institutions. These nurses only work for a short period and stay in long enough to finish an assignment.

How Much Do Travelling Nurses Pay For Rent?

Travelling nurses receive housing stipends for rent, these stipends are used for rent, generally, a travel nurse receives $700-$5000.However, the rent of a nurse is dependent on several factors such as the level of the nurse’s specialisation, the location of the apartment and the amount the nurse is willing to spend on rent.

How Do Travelling Nurses Pay Their Rent? 

Travelling nurses receive housing stipends from the health agencies they work with and also receive other tax-free policies to help them pay for their rent. There are majorly two major types of stipends given to a travelling nurse, there is the Agency Provided Housing and Tax-Free Housing Stipend.


Agency-Provided Housing

These types of accommodations are given to the nurses by the agencies and are rent-free. They also come with several other amenities for the nurses. This type of apartment is only leased to a nurse for the duration of her stay and the agency pays for all the utilities including the rent bill.

Tax-Free Housing Stipend

With this option, the nurse only receives the stipend amount and is guided to look for safe apartments but is allowed to choose the apartments he/she wants. This option gives the nurse the luxury of choosing his/her apartment and the neighbourhood.

What Are The Elements That Determine The Stipends A Nurse Receives?

Some factors determine the amount a travelling nurse receives for rent. These include the type of agency a nurse works with, the location of the assignment and the type and time of the assignment.

The Health Travel Agency

The agency that the travel nurse works with plays a very vital role in determining the stipend which will be given to the nurse. It all plays down to what the agency can afford and how much they are offering.


The location Is an element to consider when a nurse is about to take on an assignment. Apartments in high-end environments tend to attract high amounts of rents than houses in low-end areas. 

Also, the location of the health organisation where the nurse ought to work determines the pay of the nurse. The health institution’s demand for nurses and their skills is also a factor to consider The type of skills needed and the season in which the assignment also matters in determining the type and amount of housing stipend, a nurse is likely to receive.

In conclusion, travel health agencies do ensure that their travel nurses stay in apartments that are flexible to fit their assignments and make them comfortable. is to ensure that the nurses are in an environment that promotes their skills and productivity. With the right environment, the nurse will be able to challenges that may threaten their assignments.

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