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Travel Document Number:A Travel Necessity You Should Know About

Imagine arriving at your destination’s immigration offices and not being able to enter the country because your documents are not valid due to the absence of a document number, very unpleasant experience, right? It is important to understand what a travel document number is all about and this article is the best place to get your answers.

Travel Document Number(A Travel Necessity You Should Know About)

People planning to travel outside their country for the first time often find it difficult to understand what a travel document number is all about and how it is a necessity when planning to travel. Here, you will find all you need to know about travel document numbers.

 What is A Travel Document Number

A Travel document number is a set of numbers which appear on most travel documents such as visas, passports and green cards. It is a unique set of numbers which belongs to only one person and allows authorities to ascertain the legitimacy of your travel documents. These numbers differ from each document and without it, the travel documents are rendered invalid.

The travel document number also serves as a personal identity in a foreign country. It is also used on visas and other official travel documents and authenticates travellers’ entry into a country. Travel document numbers are also used to access services and as permits for entry, re-entry and transit in international territory.

Types of Travel Document Number

Passport Number

A passport is a symbol of citizenship and a national identity on a global scale. It also serves as a means of identification and a way of proving one’s eligibility to travel. The number on the passport is the passport number. The document number on a passport is located at the uppermost part of the first page of the passport on the same page as the person’s details. The number and colour of the passport varies from country to country. for e.g the American passport comprises 6-9 characters. 

Green Card Number

The green card holds more credence in the United States and is acquired by people who want to stay and work permanently in the country. The green card contains 13 figure digits which are the document number. 

Visa Number

The visa is given to citizens planning to travel outside their country to other countries. The visa is issued by the country’s embassy or consulate one intends to visit and comes in different types depending on the nature of the trip. The visa number is the number on the visa and is distinct from the numbers on other visas. 


How do you find your travel document number?

It is very important to get used to the locations of your travel document numbers. The location of travel document numbers differs on each travel document, however, they are very easy to find.

    In the U.S. The passport travel number is always located at the uppermost right corner of the identification page while the number on the visa card is located in the bottom right corner of the document and is always written in red ink. The green card number is always located in the middle of the document. Although these locations are different on each country’s document, knowing and recognising them can make finding them easy.

 Why are Travel Documents Number Important?

  • Travel document numbers are important because they verify travel documents and validate your documents. 
  • It is used by the authorities of the country to ascertain your details and is stored in the country’s database.
  • It allows the traveller to travel smoothly without any hitches as it is very convenient to use and prevents delay and deportation at the immigration.

Taking the necessary steps and procedures to acquire these documents is very important as it not only aids in gaining entry into a country but also helps to validate your identity and promotes accountability.

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