Renting Apartments To Travelling Nurses:A Rewarding Investment

Have you ever thought of renting apartments to only a specialised group of people as a form of investment and a way of providing solutions to healthcare personnel housing problems? find out the reasons why you should rent your apartments to travelling nurses.


Renting apartments to travel nurses is a great way of making money and also a fulfilling job to do. travelling nurses in their moving around the world to do their jobs often face accommodation problems and solving this problem is greatly rewarding.

Who are Travelling Nurses?

Travelling nurses are healthcare professionals who are employed on a temporary contract by healthcare agencies and sent to locations where their skills are needed. This means that these nurses are always on the move and do not stay long at a certain location.

Why do Travelling Nurses Require Housing?

Travelling nurses are nurses who are always moving from one location to another and need places to stay while doing their jobs in the health institutions where they are sent. These nurses do require temporary accommodations where they can commute to work and settle in after their work hours. To many of the nurses, renting apartments, is way better than lodging in hotels, because it reduces cost and also allows them to feel like they are home away from home. Also renting apartments gives them comfort and also provides a form of emotional and community support.

How Much Can You Make Renting to Travel Nurses?

Records have shown that you can make 2000 dollars to 5000 dollars renting to these nurses. These however depend on several factors such as the location and facilities of the property, market demand and your pricing system.

Factors You Need To Consider When Renting Apartments To Travelling Nurses

Property owners and realtors need to consider necessary conditions when setting an apartment up for rent to travelling nurses. These necessary elements determine the standard of your apartments and go a long way to determine your rent bill. The primary factors to consider are:


The location of the property you are renting out plays a very crucial role when you want to rent to travelling nurses. Nurses should be able to commute to and from work without worrying about long distances. The property should be within short distance of health institutions in the area. Also, it should be in a safe neighbourhood and should be accessible to several centres such as the market, recreational centres or parks.

The Apartment Facilities

The amenities in the apartment are essential when seeking travelling nurses as tenants. The apartment should have a good kitchen, good space, laundry rooms, good balconies, gyms and even pools. The apartment should be able to provide comfort, serenity and convenience to the nurse(s).


Market demand

 A market survey showing the demand for these apartments is a necessary step to take when you want to rent to travelling nurses. You should get to know the level at which nurses are sent to a particular area and the numbers which are sent each period. Since renting to nurses is not a long-term lease, identifying the different seasons when they are been posted and the duration of their stay will help in planning the income stream from renting to these nurses.

Legal procedures

 If you are planning on investing in properties to rent out to nurses, it is important to check out the necessary renting rules in a particular area. Also familiarising yourself with legal regulations concerning renting will help you understand different tenants’ rights. It is also very important to procure the necessary legal documents such as the terms and conditions attached to the property and the lease document.

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