How To Smoke Weed In A Hotel Room Cautiously

Smoking weed in a hotel room depends on the policy of the hotel you booked, therefore, not all hotels restrict guests from smoking. If you want to know how to smoke weed in a hotel room secretly, keep reading this article to the very end.

How To Smoke Weed In A Hotel Room Cautiously
How To Smoke Weed In A Hotel Room

If smoking isn’t an option, think about using vaporizers or edibles as substitutes. Precautions must also be taken to preserve privacy and evade detection.

People can responsibly and covertly consume marijuana in a hotel room by adhering to these rules.

How Can I Smoke Weed in a Hotel Room Discreetly?

To avoid embarrassment, there are coded ways you can smoke weed in the hotel. Some addicts might not want to keep their weed at home. Below are ways on how to smoke weed in a hotel room:

Keep it Easy

Let’s start with the basics; open your window! To stop smoke from leaving your room, wet a towel and place it under your door. Turn on your bathroom fan as well, if you have one.

Then, raise your cigarette and poke your head out the window. Act as though you’re experiencing your moment of euphoria, and swing it hard and quickly.

Do With When its Laundry Time

You better have packed some dryer sheets if there isn’t a window. It’s time to start creating your sploof. Take an empty roll of toilet paper and pack it full of dryer sheets.

Next, round one end with a dryer sheet and fasten it with a hair tie or rubber band. Combine this technique with the moist towel procedure. Using this DIY filter, blow away the smoke and wish for the best.

Ideally, you’ll have a vape pen ready for this occasion. You don’t need to smoke a lot to get high because the smoke is almost odourless.


Try Hotboxing

It’s time to hotbox if everything else fails. Shut the bathroom door, and take a very hot shower (using the wet towel approach). wow! you just learnt one crazy way on how to smoke weed in a hotel room.

Light up after the steam in the bathroom has reached the desired level. Steam can displace smoke and absorb odours. Put any fragment shampoo you have in the shower.

Pretty soon, all you’ll probably be able to smell is soap. Better yet, it’s a smooth transition to a relaxing hot shower and bed.

Play Safe

When it’s time to check out of the hotel, make sure you bring the proof and give the cleaning staff a generous tip. Apply a last coat of fragrance or perfume, if you have any, to the room to be extra safe.

In this way, you and your close friend Mary Jane can have a respectful and safe vacation.

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