How To Connect Nanit to Hotel Wifi: 3 Easy Steps

To watch your baby’s health, you might want to connect Nanit to wifi if you are in a hotel room. Right here, we are going to reveal to you 3 easy steps on how to connect Nanit to hotel wifi.

How To Connect Nanit to Hotel Wifi: 3 Easy Steps

Nanit, a highly acclaimed baby monitoring system, has been widely accepted by many parents in recent times. It offers a sense of calmness to parents who find themselves in one room while their baby is in another.

The device incorporates well-programmed functionalities such as monitoring your baby’s breathing patterns and sleep cycles. Using specially designed sheets and clothing, Nanit guarantees the safety and comfort of your baby throughout the entire night.

How Can You Connect Nanit to Hotel Wifi?

Even though Nanit has a reputation for being intelligent and having WiFi, it doesn’t always cooperate well with hotel internet. When sleeping children’s functioning is eliminated, this might make parents anxious. Below are 3 ways on how to connect Nanit to hotel wifi:

1. Turn Your Phone to Hotspot

Modern mobile phones can serve as hotspots, providing WiFi access as an alternative to business or hotel networks. This personal mini-network, offered by your phone company, requires two smartphones for setup, which may not be practical when travelling alone with a baby.

If your carrier allows, activate the hotspot on your phone and connect the Nanit baby monitor to this internet connection. Another mobile phone is needed to monitor the baby, as the Nanit must remain near the hotspot smartphone.

Use your partner’s smartphone to view the camera and stats provided by the Nanit. Remember to keep the hotspot phone plugged in to maintain its battery life and avoid any inconvenience. Turning your phone into a hotspot is one amazing way how to connect Nanit to hotel wifi.


2. Using your PC to Connect Nanit to Hotel Wifi

An alternative method to ensure a secure internet connection for the Nanit is by using a laptop as a hotspot. Connecting your laptop to the hotel WiFi lets you transform it into a hotspot and use the same internet connection to connect to the Nanit.

The only difference is that Nanit will recognize the connection through the laptop rather than directly through the hotel network. To achieve this, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the start menu and click on it.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Choose “Network and Internet.”
  • Select “Mobile hotspot.”
  • Choose “Share my internet connection from.”
  • Select the internet connection you wish to share.
  • Click on “Edit” to modify the name and password of the connection.
  • Enable “Share my internet with other devices.”

With this setup, the Nanit can successfully connect to the internet and provide you with its renowned smart features.

The accompanying app will continue monitoring these features, and you won’t lose access to a smartphone since it does not act as a hotspot. It’s a mutually beneficial solution for all parties involved.

3. Your Hotspot Can Do the Work

If you do not want to clog up one of your favourite devices as a hotspot, you may always bring your own. Technology has enabled people to purchase personal hotspots and use them whenever and wherever they choose.

Depending on the hotspot, you can buy internet plans gigabit or unlimited plans. To get your Nanit up and running in a hotel, these mobile hotspots are fantastic. It won’t keep a charge for an entire day of use, so don’t forget to pack a charger.

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