How Much Does It Cost To Build A Hotel: Don’t Be Financially Scared!

Many investors wishing to start a new business in a promising town may find the investment in developing a hotel beneficial. How much does it cost to build a hotel?

Hospitality may be a profitable commercial real estate investment for many. Still, there are several costs to consider, which can compound over time depending on the size, location, and type of property. Consider the following for further information on the cost of developing a hotel.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Hotel?

The average cost of building a hotel is between $13 and $32 million, depending on location. However, expenses are determined by a variety of factors and may be easier to compare when broken down.

For example, in Miami or Chicago, expenses will likely be between $700 and $800 per square foot of space.

In other areas, such as more remote locales or smaller towns, the cost may range from $105 to $125 per square foot, with an overall average of $150 to $475 per square foot. This significant variation makes getting an accurate value for any structure difficult.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Hotel?

After the construction of the property is completed, the investor needs to take into account the task of initiating and managing the hotel. The expenses incurred in running the hotel will vary based on factors such as the hotel’s category, available facilities, and geographical position.

Typically, the operational costs can reach up to 90% of the generated revenue from the property. It’s worth noting that expenses can be higher in certain regions while considerably lower in others.


Should You Purchase or Build a Hotel?

Investors may want to evaluate the advantages of acquiring a pre-constructed hotel versus building one from scratch. Generally, purchasing a pre-existing hotel is the more cost-effective option.

However, factors such as location, availability, and the appeal of the existing hotel can impact the need for upgrades and renovations, as well as the type of clientele it attracts.

A new hotel might demand substantial attention, while an older one may necessitate repairs to ageing components like the roof.

How Profitable is a Small Hotel?

Determining a satisfactory profit margin for a hotel business depends on various factors. In general, the hotel industry is known for having relatively lower profit margins due to the significant operational costs required to maintain a fully functional hotel daily.

As a rough guideline, it can be stated that the average profit margin for a hotel business hovers around 10%. It’s crucial to note that this figure is an approximation and can vary depending on several variables such as the hotel’s location, category, pricing strategy, occupancy rates, and cost management efficiency.

Luxury hotels often have higher profit margins due to their premium pricing and upscale amenities. In comparison, budget hotels may operate on narrower profit margins but make up for it with higher occupancy rates.

Ultimately, achieving a good hotel business profit relies on careful financial planning, effective cost control measures, strategic pricing, high occupancy rates, and exceptional guest experiences to maximize revenue generation while minimizing expenses.

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