How Long Can You Stay In A Country With A Tourist Visa

There are several types of visas and each visa determines the duration and purpose of the traveller. People do ask how long one can stay on a tourist visa. Here you find out all you need to know about tourist visas and the duration attached to them.

How Long Can You Stay In A Country With A Tourist Visa

Visas have a timeline, meaning the traveller is expected to leave the country after a while. However, the duration of a visitor depends on the type of visa which is being used.

What Is A Tourist Visa?

A tourist visa also called the B-2 visa allows one to enter a country for tourism, vacation, sports or musical events, visiting family or friends or medical purposes. Someone with a tourist visa is expected to stay only for a limited period and must show evidence that he/she is a tourist by showing hotel reservations, a letter of purpose, and round-trip flight plans.

A B2 visa is valid for ten years with a timeline of two to six months for each visit with the visitor having options to return to the country at intervals. Also, B2 visas can be given with a B1 visa implying that the person can use the visa for both purposes of business, tourism or visiting family or friends.

How Long Can One Stay On A Tourist Visa

Tourist visas are temporary visas and they do have a timeline. The duration for tourists or visitors with a tourist visa is two to six months. the duration of the tourist visa is also dependent on the immigration policies of a given country. However, there are several ways to extend a visa or change the tourist status on the visa.

The duration of tourist visas differs from each country. Several countries keep a lesser or longer period and a traveller or tourist needs to find out the duration of a tourist visa before embarking on a trip to a country.

What Are The Consequences of Staying Longer Than A Tourist Visa Duration

Staying longer than the stated period on your visa is illegal and attracts severe legal action. A tourist visa or visitors visa starts counting on your entry into the country, the expiry date is also stamped at the immigration so when the timeline is exceeded, the host country authorities can decide to do any of the following:

Immediate Deportation

This kind of punishment is the most used for foreigners who misuse their tourist visas to stay longer than the period stated on the visa. It means that the tourist or citizen would immediately be sent back to their country with or without the punishment of not entering the country for years.

Cancellation of Tourist Visa 

One could also incur the cancellation of their visa when they misuse or exceed their tourist visas. Their visa would be cancelled without them having access to the country again.

Immigration Detention

Tourists or travellers can also be detained for staying above the time limit on their travel visas.  However, detention by immigration can lead to expulsion or deportation of the tourist after the payment of an immigration bond. 

Amongst all the punishable actions taken against a visa-holder offender, deportation is the most used. These punishments are also used punish tourists who commit crimes in the visiting country.


What Are The Procedures For Tourist Visa Extension

A tourist who intends to stay longer in the host country must apply to the UCSIS for a visa extension. They will be made to fill out Form I-359, Application to Extend or Change Immigration Status form. The extension application has to be approved before a visitor can extend his stay.

The other factors that can change a tourist visa status or provide an extension are: marriage to an American citizen, if you are married or engaged to an American you can apply for an adjustment of visa status or permanent residence. However, the marriage must prove to be devoid of any fraudulent nature.

Other cases include obtaining an F-1 or M-1 visa for legal study purposes or an H-2A/H-2B visa for temporary work opportunities.

The customs and border protection authority in a country also determines the duration of stay. The consular officer in charge of the port of entry could determine if you are liable to stay in the country for 180 days or less. This is why some tourist visa duration is different from others.

In summary, a tourist visa is a temporary visa that allows a visitor into any country for vacation or medical purposes. However, one is expected to leave once the timeline issued on the visa elapsed or stay to face several legal actions by the host country.

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