Do Hotels Wash Comforters? More Than A Question

Hotels do wash their bed components every week. Specifically, you might want to know if hotels do wash comforters, how often they do and how they keep their beddings clean, you have to keep reading.

Do Hotels Wash Comforters?

Typically, hotels follow a weekly schedule for washing their bedding, which includes various types of comforters, sheets, and pillows. However, they usually replace the pillowcases and linens between guests.

It is a common practice for hotel comforters to be changed only upon guest request, so visitors have the option to wash their bedding if desired. Comforter or duvet covers generally do not require laundering more than once or twice a year, unless there has been a spill.

Regarding housekeeping practices, hotel chains do not frequently change bedspreads and duvets, usually doing so about four times a year. Also, at mid-range to low-cost hotels, it is uncommon for sheets to be automatically changed every evening.

Do Hotels Wash Comforters After Every Guest?

Prepare yourself for a surprising fact; Unlike sheets, it’s uncommon for comforters to be washed between guest stays. Hotel housekeepers have revealed that these top layers are typically only changed if there is a spill or an unpleasant odour.

How Do Hotels Keep Their Comforters Clean?

We all desire the clean and white look of hotel bedding, but without dedicated staff for cleaning, achieving that can be a challenge. However, there are several useful tips you can follow to achieve that hotel-like appearance:

1. Bleach Application

While bleach is commonly used in hotels, it can be damaging to your bedding and towels due to its harsh chemicals.

Hotels frequently replace their linens and towels, so they are not concerned about losing a sheet or towel. Instead of using bleach, consider the following 3-step cleaning process:

  • Wash with laundry detergent
  • Use fabric softener
  • Give a final wash without bleach

2. Hot water

Using the hottest water possible may not be the most effective method for cleaning and prolonging the life of your linens and towels. Instead, try the following steps during the washing process:

  • Unless dealing with stubborn stains, use cold water as hot water can cause faster damage to the material.
  • Properly load your washing machine to ensure even detergent distribution and avoid missing stains.
  • Reduce the drying setting as intense drying can accelerate fabric wear. If possible, hang your linens or towels outside in the sun, as sunlight can help freshen and sanitize them.

By following these tips, you can maintain clean and fresh-looking linens and towels that resemble the appearance of hotel bedding.

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