Can Hotels Charge For Service Dogs? All You Need To Know

While booking a hotel, you might want to lodge with a service dog for assistance, but the big question is; can hotels charge for service dogs? you’d see more to read concerning the question.

Can Hotels Charge For Service Dogs
Can Hotels Charge For Service Dogs?

Many people rely on service dogs as important companions, and they usually stay close to their owners all the time. When going on a trip, it might be important to bring your service dog along and find a hotel that allows them to stay with you.

Do Hotels Charge for Service Dogs?

Hotels cannot impose extra charges, such as fees for cleaning or additional nightly rates on individuals who bring their service dogs into their hotel rooms.

It is considered discrimination to charge fees or additional rates to someone who relies on a service dog for their daily needs. This rule applies regardless of the hotel’s policies on animals and pet fees.

Can Hotels Legally Deny My Service Dog

Generally, hotels are required by law to allow service dogs to accompany their owners. Both federal and state laws provide public access protection rights for service dogs, which means hotels cannot legally deny them entry.

However, there are some circumstances in which hotels may be able to deny access to a service dog. For example, the hotel may refuse entry if the service dog is out of control, aggressive, or poses a danger to others.

Similarly, if the service dog causes damage to the property or engages in destructive behaviour, the hotel may also have grounds to deny access. These conditions are exceptions to the general rule that hotels must accommodate service dogs.

Can a Hotel Charge for Destruction By Service Dogs?

Hotels cannot charge extra fees or clean-up fees just because you have a service dog with you in the room.

However, if your service dog causes a lot of damage to the room, like making a mess or breaking things that need a lot of cleaning or replacing, the hotel may charge you extra to cover those costs.

So, service dog owners need to make sure their dogs are well-behaved and trained properly, so they don’t cause any damage or problems during their stay at a hotel.

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