4 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations in the United States

After spending lots of money on a wedding, many couples look for a budget-friendly honeymoon. The good news is that you can have a memorable honeymoon without breaking the bank. There are plenty of fantastic yet affordable honeymoon destinations, like these 4 affordable honeymoon destinations in the United States.

4 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations
4 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

You might be wondering: Where are the 4 affordable honeymoon destinations in the United States? Well, that depends on various factors, including your departure location.

4 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations in the United State

We’ll explore some of the best 4 affordable honeymoon destinations in the United States, allowing you to choose the perfect one based on your location.

Las Vegas, Nevada

4 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations
couples in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a fantastic spot for a budget-friendly honeymoon or a romantic wedding without breaking the bank. The city is packed with endless entertainment options, including activities, shows, events, music, and casinos that newlyweds will love. There are a plethora of dining options and lots of free attractions to enjoy.

For the most affordable Las Vegas honeymoon, consider going in the off-season, which runs from September to November and January to April. This time also offers cooler temperatures. You can often find cheap flights from major cities, and once you’re in Vegas, you won’t need to rent a car as ride-sharing services are readily available.

You can save money by staying in an Airbnb or finding hotel deals, as many places in Vegas frequently offer discounted room rates, hoping you’ll spend it in their casinos. Staying on weekdays is usually cheaper than weekends, and downtown hotels in Las Vegas are often more budget-friendly than those on the Strip.

No matter when you plan your honeymoon, Las Vegas offers a wide range of experiences. Beyond gambling, concerts, shows, and nightlife, you can easily explore nature by hiking in places like the Valley of Fire or Red Rock Canyon. The Grand Canyon is also just a short drive away, as is the Hoover Dam.

In addition to these, Las Vegas boasts unique activities like riding the world’s largest observation Ferris Wheel, taking a gondola ride at the Venetian hotel, trying ziplining, exploring the Neon Museum, or visiting the Flamingo Habitat. Enjoy your budget-friendly Vegas adventure!


The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys
a couple jumping into the ocean

The Florida Keys offer an ideal tropical honeymoon without breaking the bank, especially if you live nearby. If not, you can fly to South Florida and rent a car, which you’ll need to get around. For affordable flights, check West Palm Beach airport prices in addition to Miami.

The Keys are a great destination for budget-conscious honeymooners who love sailing, nature, scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, and a laidback atmosphere. You can dine at fancy restaurants, but you’ll fit right in wearing shorts and flip-flops for your entire trip.

Peak season in the Keys is from December to May, so for a more budget-friendly honeymoon, consider visiting during the summer or fall. Summers are hot and humid, but ideal for water activities. October is a good month to visit with lower temperatures, less humidity, and a lower hurricane risk compared to the summer.

Key West is the priciest place to stay, so consider alternatives like Marathon, Islamorada, or Key Largo. No matter where you stay, you can easily explore other keys. You’ll find a variety of affordable accommodations, from old-school beach motels to rentals on platforms like VRBO and Airbnb.

The Keys have many budget-friendly and tasty restaurants, most with great water views, offering fresh seafood, Cuban cuisine, and more. Enjoy your affordable honeymoon in this beautiful paradise!

San Juan Islands, Washington

The San Juan Islands, situated on the Pacific Northwest coast, are famous for their rural landscapes, abundant wildlife, and romantic charm. These islands can only be reached by ferry, and they’ve retained their natural beauty and tranquility.

Summer is the peak season in the San Juan Islands. For a more budget-friendly honeymoon, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. September offers mild temperatures and less rain, while April and May are also delightful months to explore.

Visiting during the spring or fall has added benefits besides lower costs. Wildlife is more active, and the beaches and towns are less crowded. In the spring, you’ll witness a variety of blooming flowers as the landscape awakens from winter.

To save on accommodation, check VRBO and Airbnb for affordable options.

The islands have farm-to-table restaurants for delicious meals, and you can shop for a romantic picnic at local farmers’ markets. South Beach, the longest beach in the country, is a fantastic spot for a picnic.

You can also enjoy kayaking or ferry-hopping to explore different islands. Take scenic hikes through places like Moran State Park, with 38 miles of trails, and find great biking routes as well. Experience the rugged beauty of the San Juan Islands during your affordable and romantic honeymoon.


San Diego, California

On the southern coast of California is a stunning city called San Diego, known for its breathtaking Pacific Ocean views and great year-round weather.

It’s a fantastic and affordable honeymoon destination for couples who love exploring new places, with a wide range of attractions and cuisines to enjoy. San Diego also offers beautiful beaches and plenty of water sports, including excellent surfing.

San Diego enjoys around 260 sunny days each year, with summer temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and even winter stays at a pleasant 65-70 degrees. However, May and June can bring overcast days, often referred to as “June Gloom,” so if you’re craving sunshine, avoid these months.

June and August are the busiest tourist seasons in San Diego, leading to higher prices and larger crowds. For a more budget-friendly and peaceful honeymoon, plan your trip for March to May or September to November.

San Diego has its own international airport, but you can also look for affordable airfare deals by flying into one of the Los Angeles airports, just a short drive away.

There’s no shortage of things to do and places to explore in San Diego during your honeymoon. Take a hike in beautiful parks like Torrey Pines State Reserve, known for its stunning scenery and breathtaking cliffs. Enjoy your wonderful and affordable honeymoon in this charming city!

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